Are you ready to bring the MAGIC of Feng Shui
into your life and business?

Hello, aspiring Feng Shui Consultant!

While day to day life is getting faster and more stressful for people around the world, it's becoming more critical than EVER that we create our home as a true sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

With these changing times, there is a HUGE increase in how many people spend time at home — not to mention the new work-from-home revolution. It’s plain to see that people are investing more and more into creating a home environment that promotes peace and stress-free living… and they’re looking for professionals to help them do so.

People are becoming more sensitive to how they feel, and resonating with words like vibe, mindfulness, and energy. These words have become a part of everyday language as the world wakes up, and we're seeing the impact of this with spiritual businesses on the rise.

Becoming a Certified Feng Shui Consultant is your opportunity to be a part of a rising movement to bring people back into connection with themselves, their environment, and the magical results that come from aligning their goals with life force energy.

You'll be helping your clients to transform their relationships, attract new career opportunities, increase their business income, create a calmer family life, sleep better, and so much more.

My Certified Feng Shui Consultants are able to make at least 10k per month with only four consultations per month.

I've been certifying Consultants for the past seven years, and for the past 20 years I've run my own successful multiple six-figure Feng Shui Business. I can't wait to help you build yours!

So let's get started.

Does this sound like you?

  • For years or even for DECADES, you've had a passion for beauty and for decorating rooms. Your friends feel exceptionally comfortable in your home… and you have wondered if you can turn it into a profession.

  • You know that there's much more that life can offer, and your current job isn't the perfect fit to bring you fulfillment, happiness, and abundant wealth.

  • You're already working in a career where you sell or design homes and you know that you could offer an elevated service by adding the power of Feng Shui to your offering.

  • You're already working as a healer and coach BUT you know that your clients could get even better results. Something is missing, but you don't know what the missing piece is...

  • You're looking for a unique selling point for your work and feel that Feng Shui would be the ideal addition.

In short — are you looking for MORE vitality, MORE inspiration, MORE freedom, and MORE spiritual growth? Then you’re at exactly the right place.

I invite you to consider that you found yourself here, at this moment in time, for a reason.

You’ve heard the inner calling to take your next step on your path of spiritual growth... And you know that becoming a Feng Shui Expert will take you there.

You are at the right place.





My name is Danijela Saponjic,

Founder of the Art of Spiritual Design School

Feng Shui Master ~ Author of 4 books ~ Mother of 4 boys

When I began practicing Feng Shui almost 20 years ago, I could never have imagined the life ahead.

Back then spirituality was not a part of my life at all!!
(I planned everything precisely, without believing in this “energy thing.”)

I was 26 and married. We had one son and I didn't have a plan for my future since I wasn't able to find a job (with my business degree) — no matter what I did. 

So there I was, at the absolute lowest point in my life, working at a fast food restaurant, knowing that I had a business degree and that I was supposed to be doing something else. I was disappointed and devastated. My self-esteem and self-worth were at their lowest point ever.

I was filled with fear about EVERYTHING: Money, family, relationship, and job. I desperately tried to hold on to my plan of getting a corporate job, NOT realizing that the masters of life (God, Universe, Divine Spirit) had a different plan for me. 

One day I was sitting down on my break reading a magazine and I started reading an article about decluttering and I thought, "Let me give this a try.“

I went home and decluttered my entire apartment in one weekend.

Suddenly, I noticed that as things left, our home I felt very different.

I noticed that when the energy in my apartment shifted, my energy shifted as well... and I started to feel the new perspective that MORE was possible.

I began reading everything I could get my hands on about decluttering, Feng Shui, and SpaceClearing. The more I studied, the more I implemented — and the more I implemented, the better my life got! 

First, I landed a great job as a freelancer. My family moved into a new apartment which was much bigger, and in a nicer area. Our financial situation improved significantly. 

After these amazing things happened, I knew that I was supposed to carry this knowledge out into the world and teach it to others so that they can also feel the power of these energetic shifts in their life. 

That’s where my transformational journey started.

Now, I'm working with clients from three Continents (Europe, North America, and Asia). I'm also the Author of three Feng Shui books and a deck of Clutter Clearing cards — all released with major publishers (including two with Random House Publishing). 

Being a Feng Shui and SpaceHealing Master, I've created the SpaceHealing Method, which I teach every year to a group students in Bali. My mission is to help people around the world align their environment with the power of nature, and heal old energies so they can thrive in their health, wealth, and relationships.

What is Feng Shui and The Art of Spiritual Design?

Feng Shui is magic and it will create magic in your life and in the lives of your clients… BUT Feng Shui can only support you if you DO THE WORK. 

Putting up a fountain and waiting for the money to drop into your lap – this will not happen. 
By getting into the philosophy of Feng Shui and making it a part of your life, it will light you up. Then, you will be authentic and in your power. This creates magnetism. When you are magnetic, you attract abundance from authentically connecting to your inner genius. This is one of the greatest gifts of Feng Shui.

What my clients have been able to achieve


"Online marketing consultant quits her 9-5 job and starts her Feng Shui Business while in training.“


"I got a clear idea on how to get my first clients and get my business going."


"I am now using my Feng Shui skills in my Architect business!"

Let's find out if this Certification is right for you.

What you’ll get

Theory and Practice

Combining theory and practice will bring you forward because it helps you to gain confidence into your ability to do Feng Shui Consultations. That’s why practical projects are the heart of your training. The goal is that you immediately put your new knowledge into practice and understand and feel the profound effect of Feng Shui in your life.

You'll Learn your Craft

This training is divided into six modules and each contains different bonus materials. I'll teach you the tools that make an excellent Feng Shui Consultant, without using computers or complicated programs. With your Feng Shui Compass, you’ll be able to work from any location and help your clients all around the world.

Soul and Space

The philosophy behind this training is that every space has a soul. By connecting your clients with the space they occupy, an empowering energy will emerge that has previously been undiscovered. This unlocks a new level of healing, transformation, and soulfulness in your life, and the lives of your clients.

Entrepreneurship and Personal Development

In addition to in-depth and practice-oriented knowledge of Feng Shui, I also share information that will empower you on your journey of entrepreneurship and personal growth. This includes how to successfully start your own Feng Shui business, how Feng Shui can help you grow personally, and how to integrate Feng Shui into your current job.

No Hidden Costs

The training is extensive and detailed, and everything is included in the price. Whether classic Feng Shui, business Feng Shui, your assignments, or one-on-one calls — you know that when you sign up, you get it all with no hidden costs.

Time for your Questions

There are two extended Q&A calls per month, where can attend fully or drop in to ask your question. You’ll have the opportunity to ask anything you’d like and discuss projects you’re working on. We will also have two one-on-one calls where we will dive deep into your strategy and personal questions.

I'll Share All My Knowledge

All of my knowledge is yours, including 20 years of experience, countless consultations, instructing hundreds of students, and all of the teachings in my trainings and workshops. You will get all of this wisdom. I will also coach you on how to start your successful Feng Shui Business, and even how to balance your family and business life (I've been building my international business while raising my four children).

We Keep in Touch

Between training modules, we stay connected. In our exclusive WhatsApp group, we exchange ideas and answer questions that arise from your projects and homework assignments. The online evening practices also take place between modules, which keeps us connected and in the flow of learning and growth.

Module Overview

Module 1:

The Basic Principles of Feng Shui 

Module 2:

Landscape Feng Shui INTENSIVE 

Module 3:

Compass Feng Shui INTENSIVE

Module 4:

Bringing It All Together & Practicing

  • The purpose of Qi, the Life Force Energy for space and people
  • Yin and Yang, principles and how to apply them in your consultation to create balance
  • The Eight Life Situations (Life Aspiration) according to the BAGUA
  • The Landscape Feng Shui, also called the Four Animal Formation
  • The compass school (Ba Zhai) and working with the LoPan
  • The principle of the Five Elements, and how to create harmonious space
  • The Earlier Haven Trigram - your work with the Spiritual Realm
  • The Later Haven Eight Trigram - also called the Ease-West-System

Module 5:

Implementing Feng Shui into Individual Interior Design 

Module 6:

Flying Stars - The Astrology of Feng Shui


How To Build your Feng Shui Business


Materials & Assignments 

  • How to create beautiful Interior Design with Feng Shui
  • The Flying Stars - the astrology of Feng Shui
  • How to build your thriving Feng Shui Business
  • How to apply Feng Shui for Businesses
  • Basics of geomancy and Space Clearing

What's Included — Your Overview

  • 6 Modules of Feng Shui Training containing videos and detailed studying materials
  • Mandatory assignments and voluntary exercises
  • 2 one-on-one calls — the first one at the beginning of the training, and the second when you enter the fourth module
  • 2 online Q&A calls each month
  • Business coaching on how to start your business
  • Receive a simple structure and flow for your Consultation
  • Find your voice as a Feng Shui Consultant
  • Learn how to connect with your future clients
  • Understand basic marketing approaches
  • Practice how to write your handouts
  • Receive your final certification

Let's find out if this Certification is right for you.

This Feng Shui Certification Program is for you if...

  • You are absolutely committed to building a new career as a Feng Shui Consultant that will satisfy you personally and spiritually.
  • You are looking for a new way to get even better results for your customers if you are already a healer or coach. 
  • You want to build a business from your inner calling, coming from your heart and soul, and to make a REAL difference in your clients’ lives by creating environments where they can truly thrive.
  • You are ready to tap into your genius and get support to move forward into a new life and business. 

This program is not for you if...

  • If you’re not willing to invest in your success or if you’re not ready to do the inner work.
  • If you don’t believe in the power of Feng Shui.
  • If you're not willing to implement Feng Shui into your own life.


"Online marketing consultant quits her 9-5 job and starts her Feng Shui Business while in training.“

“By working with Danijela, I got a toolkit of inspiration, knowledge, and energy to immediately put into practice, and started to attract my first Feng Shui clients. Many thanks for the excellent education and inspiration!”


"I got a clear idea on how to get my first clients and get my business going."

"This Feng Shui training is excellent, and Danijela's knowledge of Feng Shui is even better than I imagined. Danijela explains Feng Shui in a way that's easy to understand and she shares through her own hands-on experience. I gained a lot of new, exciting knowledge and I left with concrete ideas on how I can work as a Feng Shui consultant. THANK YOU, Danijela!"


"I am now using my Feng Shui skills in my Architect business!"

"This course has broadened my view as an architect... I have become much more aware of the many practical uses of Feng Shui. I appreciate the practical approach Danijela teaches – she truly offers solutions for a western world.“


"I dove into the teachings and assignments with passion and an unwavering trust that I will attract my first clients after the first modules, and that's what happened!"

"My biggest concern was the financial commitment and confidence — whether I could attract clients and start making money while in the training. I overcame my fear and decided to take the leap although I was insecure at the beginning. Needless to say, it worked out perfectly for me!" 


"I highly encourage anyone interested in building a Feng Shui business to be guided and mentored by Danijela.“

"Thanks for this Feng Shui Certification Program! I gained so much practical knowledge that I felt very confident to start with my consulting business while in the training. Danijela has a great way of communicating and explaining, even on complex topics. Her practical examples have always been educational and interesting. I highly encourage anyone interested in Feng Shui to be taught and inspired by Danijela."


"The most amazing business opportunities came into my life, that paid back the cost of the course long before it ended."

"As a participant, you will quickly feel that Danijela is genuinely interested in your growth and success. She supported me in a very pragmatic business context, and also on the level of spiritual ascension. This combination makes her training a unique and powerful learning experience. I am infinitely grateful that our paths have crossed. The Feng Shui training became a blessing for my soul.“ 

Your success is my mission

My name is Danijela. I am a Feng Shui and SpaceHealing master, published author, and mother of four boys. As a pioneer in my field, I've touched thousands of lives through my books, trainings, and private consultations over the past 20 years. 

I have written three books on Feng Shui and a deck of Clutter Clearing cards — all released in Germany with major publishers (including two with Random House Publishing). 

Born in Germany to a family from the Balkans, my connection to the spirit of nature runs deep. Besides mastering the craft of Feng Shui, I've also created the SpaceHealing Method to help people around the world align their environment to the power of nature and heal old energies. As a result, my clients open up new space to call in their dreams, visions, and desires with joy and ease. 

My greatest joy is to observe the changes that unfold in each student during the certification. Seeing the return of clarity, vitality, and the glow in their eyes fills me with inspiration. Many students experience profound personal and professional changes. 

When you connect to your inner passion, people and situations come into your life that remind you of your power and your calling. Then, the doors naturally open for new and perhaps unexpected opportunities — and I’m here to guide you through this process.

I can't wait to help you start this new and exciting journey to becoming a Feng Shui Consultant! 


Let's find out if this Certification is right for you.